Baffling Holiday Triple-slaying Still A Mystery Despite Arrest – Abc News


Akshay Kumar goes on family holiday after success of his film

Additionally, police arent saying what evidence they have against Mercado, or how they found him. This arrest came after investigators and forensic lab personnel developed substantial probable cause for Mercados arrest, San Diego Police Lt. Mike Hastings said. After Mercados arrest, he sustained unknown injuries in the county jail and was later hospitalized. He is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday. Mercados lawyer, Michael Berg, told ABC News that his client did not know the victims. He adamantly denies any involvement in this, Berg said. Mercados family released a statement expressing their sadness over the deaths. On behalf of Carlo Mercado, we would like the community to know how sorry we are for any pain the Flint and Belvedere families have suffered and are suffering, the statement reads.
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Akshay Kumar goes on family holiday Post the success of his film, the 46-year-old action star said that he would now make all efforts to make his family happy. “Well my real ‘Holiday’ has now truly begun, I’m walking the streets of NYC with my wife and kids in absolute bliss but I’ll never be off duty as it’s all about my family’s happiness now,” Akshay posted on Twitter. The actor would be seen next in ‘It’s Entertainment’, a film which revolves around a dog. The movie is expected to hit theatres on August 8. “So enough of my solo selfies, for the next month it’s all about a ‘Man’s Best Friend’ #ItsEntertainment all the way. Hope you enjoy my puppy pics, can’t tell you how much I miss this Dog!,” Akshay tweeted along with a picture of the dog. (JPN/Agencies)
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Loving Billie Holiday Doesn’t Mean Black Girls Aren’t Suffering | The Nation

Like DuBois, I also sat awestruck at McDonalds performance: one great artist paying homage to another. And, although I am one of the many women who signed the letter pressing the administration to include women and girls in this program, that does not mean I, or any of us, question the presidents respect for black women. DuBois mentions the presidents love for his wife and his two beautiful daughters. As so many of us do, I find that heartwarming. And it was with a sense of gratitude and pride that I watched him honor the two literary lions, Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison with the Medal of Freedom, the nations highest civilian honor. Nor do I doubt that black women will benefit from major Obama administration achievements, such as the Affordable Care Act, and the other projects including the STEM initiatives, which will support women students and researchers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. And like DuBois, my husband and I also left the theater following McDonalds performance in a pensive state. I thought about the way she expressed herself with such beauty and dignity in the face of unspeakable insults to her person: a gifted black woman born in a nation that did more to thwart her promise than it did to nurture it. But here my ruminations on Lady Day depart from DuBois.
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