As Young As You Feel Day 2014: Celebrate This Holiday For All Ages This March 22


Schenectady Holiday Inn demolition begins

Although many important and traditional holidays are honored throughout the year, As Young As You Feel Day is a special one for those who think their greatest years are behind them. People of all ages can enjoy this unofficial March holiday, but it is likely most fondly celebrated by those who live in relative good health yet believe they are limited in the ways they can currently behave due to societal or age-related restrictions. Use this 2014 to rebel against that authority, then, and make the most of the well-known saying, Carpe Diem seize the day. On As Young As You Feel Day, all are encouraged to remember that we must cherish each day as our last, and be aware that we must work every single day to enjoy our loved ones and ourselves. There are several fun and lighthearted ways to celebrate As Young As You Feel Day 2014 with some pomp and circumstance. Do you miss those days when you were young and had that now out-of-style hairdo, or perhaps wore those clothes that now make your children and grandchildren look back on photos and laugh? Reflect and pull them out today!
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Excited for some new beers?

In order to receive a response a petition must reach 100,000 signatures within 30 days. Fans who are over the age of 21 can still visit to sign the petition and honor Major League Baseball Opening Day, which this year falls on March 31, as a day of national observance via presidential proclamation. Opening Day signifies a rebirth; the smell of the grass, the sound of the national anthem, and the taste of a ballpark hotdog. Baseball is all about atmosphere and nostalgia, and its first day of the year should be celebrated and recognized. Be it a national holiday or not, millions of Americans excuse themselves from that that days obligations and observe one of the greatest days of the year. I would rather work on Christmas than Opening Day. For more information on joining Budweiser’s movement to make Opening Day a holiday, visit .
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Susann Stacy Facebook Selfie

We didnt want to wait for the demolition, said Brown. We could get permits to demo the building, because the demo is very easy to plan. Youre taking things down and thats pretty simple. The reconstruction is, of course, more complicated, but we should be done with those plans within the next few weeks. Brown declined to disclose the project cost, citing the plans that have yet to be finalized. But local officials told The Daily Gazette last fall it will be upwards of $7 million. The new hotel will be the Capital Regions first DoubleTree by Hilton, which has 13 locations in New York and 325 hotels in 27 different countries. It will feature a new entrance, an open concept restaurant and lounge area, banquet space with a pre-function area and service corridor, and a new lobby, indoor pool and exercise room.
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